Meetin VR takes long-distance collaboration to the next level through Virtual Reality. Companies are now able to have professional meetings in virtual environments at any time, from anywhere. Users will be able to share and review media together (360 content, images, videos) and will have access to tools to enhance creative collaboration, making it easier than ever for companies to brainstorm, sketch and prototype ideas together.

invelon, SPAIN

INVELON is a technological consultancy that applies the latest technologies of internet of things , augmented reality and virtual reality. Their mission is to accompany the industry in the implementation of immersive or virtual technologies. All of our projects start with a technological consultancy, a software development and a business accompanying in the implementation of the solution developed.

Supporteo, USA

Supporteo Keeps You Connected with Resources and Knowledge You Need to Complete Any Task at Any Time, Wherever You Are. Our innovative Artificial Intelligence platform offers the easiest and reliable video communication method between colleagues, remote workforce and experts, speeds up picker’s work, monitors and controls IoT devices, transmits videos from drones, and much more.

Jasoren, USA

Jasoren is the US software development company specializing in building virtual and augmented reality applications. We develop solutions that deliver business acceleration for our clients and value for our clients' customers. Our company is represented in the USA, the UK, and France.Over the past few years, we have been a reliable vendor for such companies as NUPCO, Toyota, Tiense Suiker, Engie, National University of Singapore, T-Mobile, Arkamys.