Our Story + -

We started out in 2021 with a focus on the rapidly developing Bahraini market, the emergent Investment profile, and the positive steps taken by the Bahraini leadership to attract foreign investors. The COVID-19 situation has changed the perspective of many people to adopt new technologies in their lives while catering to the demands of our clients, as we evolved, and explored new horizons of the emergence of new advanced technologies, our key comparative advantage is how AI and virtual reality technologies can integrate with our environment to open new frontiers in your business.

Mission & Vision + -

Our aim is to be the first and number one company in the Kingdom of Bahrain to provide AI-autonomous systems, smart economical solutions, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality solutions to ease people's life. We aim to be a prominent company which is well recognized by the business community for our enduring values, integrity, and quality of service. Our steadfast commitment to professional and diversified services leads the way in providing innovative business solutions to our customers. To provide our clients with the best after-sale services for our main products and solutions on the island in terms of speed to respond to calls, minimum breakdown time, and maximum customer satisfaction. To achieve the highest customer and regulatory affair satisfaction, to pass on the latest innovation, technologies, and scientific discoveries to customers ethically, and protect them from sales pitfalls.


We are following Bahrain’s Vision 2030 which focuses on the importance of digitalization of all sectors of the economy. MYS Technology is a pioneer Bahraini company that has several partnerships with international advanced technological companies. These partnerships combine our and their experiences in providing virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, robotic process automation solutions, and AI-powered autonomous retail systems that are catered to the needs of customers whether institutions or individuals.

Industries + -

We can develop a custom-tailored system with our partners in several industries as Manufacturing - Healthcare - InStore Shopping Experience - Logistics - Athletics - Advertising - Remote Collaboration - Live Language - Translation - Gaming - Education -Architecture and Design - Aerospace and Defense.

Our Partners